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Unit 01 (3ESO) THE ELEMENTS OF MUSIC Elements of Sound, Repetition, Variation and Contrast, Character, Style, Technique and Composition 
Unit 02 (3ESO) HARMONY AND ACCOMPANIMENT Melody & Harmony, Chords, Tonal Areas, Standard Chord Notation 
Unit 03 (3ESO) ANCIENT MUSIC Musical Archeology, Ancient Greek Music, Ancient Roman Music 
Unit 04 (3ESO) BROADCAST AND PERFORMANCE Music in Radio, Television, Cinema and Theatre 
Unit 05 (3ESO) MEDIEVAL MUSIC From Monody to Polyphony, Plainsong, Notre Dame, Ars Antiqua, Ars Nova 
Unit 06 (3ESO) STRUCTURE AND DESIGN Parts of a Song, Rondo and Passacaglia, Structure and Style 
Unit 07 (3ESO) RENAISSANCE MUSIC Polyphony in the Renaissance, Counterpoint, Major Composers 
Unit 08 (3ESO) VOCAL MUSIC Writing for the singers, Music-Lyrics Sinergy, Music on Stage 
Unit 09 (3ESO) BAROQUE MUSIC Hyperbole, Contrast, Fugue, Birth of the Opera and the Concerto. 
Unit 10 (3ESO) A WORLD OF MUSIC Music from around the World. 
Unit 11 (3ESO) MUSIC OF THE CLASSICAL PERIOD Classical Period styles and Composers, The Symphony 
Unit 12 (3ESO) WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY 'MUSIC'? 'Music' as a Term, Evolution of the concept 'what is Music?' 
Unit 13 (3ESO) 19th CENTURY MUSIC Romanticism, Neo-classicism, Wagner-Verdi, Musical Nacionalism 
Unit 14 (3ESO) KEYBOARDS Different kinds of Keyboard instruments, Mechanisms 
Unit 15 (3ESO) 20th CENTURY MUSIC Different Musical Movements, Serialism, Concrete and Electronic Music 
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