Unit 08 (3ESO) Vocal Music


UNIT 8 DAY 1 - Lyrics and Music Sinergy.


Questionnaire (Unit 8 Day 1 - Twenty ninth Lecture of 3ESO)

Music and text.
    Music becomes concreteness and the text earns emotion.

 Sinergy of the spoken voice and the sung voice.
    The rhythm of the words, their sound and the meaning of the text change the way of writing music.

Music is an artistic medium in which the expression is formal and abstract, while speech language is understood as a means of communication. Combined in our voice we can provide to Music semantic content.
An example from the Movie Juno. Music and Lyrics by B. L. Polisar.
Concrete poem and Abstract Music.

JUNO - "All I Want Is You"


Hanon Aloud - Exercise 45 (Day 1)
Sevenths in descending order

C - D / B - C / A - B / G - A / F - G / E - F / D - E

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UNIT 8 DAY 2 - Writing Music to be sung.


Questionnaire (Unit 8 Day 2 - Thirty Lecture of 3ESO)

 What is considered by a composer of vocal music while working with lyrics?
    The range of the song, clarity of diction and ensure that the sung part is a good vehicle both to the lyrics and the melody.

 Relationship of thetext accent and the accented notes.
    The accents of the text do not always match with the accents of words, so the rhythm of the song focuses on the first without neglecting the latter.

We can use the classification of Gregorian chant to determine how we can write vocal music. Plainchant is divided into syllabic and melismatic, as if each syllable corresponds to a note or more. It is also possible to join in a single note several syllables, as in spoken language with contractions or synalephas as in poetry.

Syllabic vs Melismatic



A composer of vocal music considers the range of the song, clarity of diction and write a part that is a good vehicle to both the lyrics and the melody.

Slash: At Guitar Center, Song Writing

Alex Melton - Writing a song on the spot using Boss RC-300 Looper

Barney is writing a song - from Andy Griffith Show


Hanon Aloud - Exercise 45 (Day 2)
Sevenths in descending order

C - D / B - C / A - B / G - A / F - G / E - F / D - E

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UNIT 8 DAY 3 - Theatre and Music...again.


Questionnaire (Unit 8 Day 3 - Thirty First Lecture of 3ESO)

Theatrical examples of the connection between music and text.
    Zarzuela, Opera and Musicals.

 Why is it possible to enjoy this type of Music although we do not understand the language in which it were composed?.
    Because we understand the stage performance and the emotion of the Music.

The union of text and music is not only evident in the song. One of the best examples of text attached to a Music in theater is given in collaboration with a script or argument and composition.

Music Score and Movie Script in the same page.
An fragment from Lion King's 'Be Prepared' 
Now listen to the Stage Version.

The Lion King Broadway - Be Prepared Live


Hanon Aloud - Exercise 46 (Day 1)
Pentatonic Scales starting in C. 

C - D - E - G - A / D - E - G - A - C / E - G - A - C - D / G - A - C - D - E / A - C - D - E - G

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UNIT 8 DAY 4 - New vocal possibilities. 


Questionnaire (Unit 8 Day 4 - Thirty Second Lecture of 3ESO)

New options for the Vocal Music.
    Vocal techniques from other cultures; unexpected ranges and live electronics.

The Human voice can produce many kind of voices in different ranges. In the 20th Century, these possibilities were explored, incorporating techniques from other cultures and experiments involving unexpected ranges and microphone techniques and effects.

Sprechgesang - Schönberg, Pierrot Lunaire

polyphonic overtone singing - Anna-Maria Hefele

How to Use a Microphone | Vocal Lessons


Hanon Aloud - Exercise 46 (Day 2)
Pentatonic Scales starting in C. 

C - D - E - G - A / D - E - G - A - C / E - G - A - C - D / G - A - C - D - E / A - C - D - E - G

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